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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

DX Logs Wed 14/04/2010

Lots of activity on 48 metres this evening.

Baken 16 heard via SW Germany webtuner on 6375kHz, AM mode, at 15:59-16:25 UK Time, with SINPO 45242. Nothing at my own QTH.

Bluestar Radio on 6215KHz AM, heard at about 1830 at my own QTH on a Freeplay Summit with an indoor longwire, going round my bedroom a few times and up into the loft, coupled with a coathanger loop, designed for use on analogue TV, with SINPO 1-2 5 2-3 4 1-2 later increased power, and heard with SINPO 34433. Also heard on Barneys FT840  with SINPO 4-5 4 4-5 4 4-5, S8-S9. Later switched to 6210, because they were too close ti Mystery Radio on 6220 (heard very weak at my own QTH). Signal just as good, although slightly weaker on Barney's FT840

Two stations heard on 6325 (Doc on Iann's chat  said either free or Bata 4), one sounded like a legal station, eg. Radio Romania International, other I could not tell. Heard at my own QTH, with the antenna outlined above.

Mystery Radio on 6220KHz, at about 1900 on Barney's FT840, good signal, SINPO 45444 also on S/W Germany Webtuner, SINPO 5 5 3-4 3-4 4-5 at 1932.

Radio Northpole International on 6310KHz at 1925 on S/W Germany webtuner playing dance music

Radio Bartjecoast (Northcoast) on 6301KHz S/W Germany Webtuner SINPO 3 5 2-3 3 3 at 1932

3925KHz, someone playing old Laser 558 recording. weak signal on S/W Germany webtuner. SINPO 2-3 4-5 2-3 2-3 3

Jan Van Gent were also on 6960 and then 171, but nothing heard on SW Germany Webtuner. There was also JVG (Jan Van Gent) on 3932 and pop music on 3926, but I did not try these, I did not have enough time, or free webtuners.

Recordings will be uploaded soon

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