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Sunday, 30 May 2010

FRS Holland on air today

FRS Holland have finished their broadcast on 6400 and 9300KHz. There will be a full repeat from 13:52-18:45 UTC (14:52-19:45 UK Time) on 7600KHz.

I have made a couple of recordings of 6400 from a webtuner at which I will upload soon. If I can receive the 7600 signal at my own QTH, I will try and record the entire broadcast. I will also record as much as I can from webtuners. They may be streaming at

This from an email from FRS Holland today:

Next Sunday June 6th FRS will be on the internet (streaming audio) starting at 13.52 UTC lasting 18.50 UTC.
Address is

73s Ronnie

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Radio Caroline on 531KHz

Radio Caroline is on 531KHz this whole weekend. I heard it today with a SINPO of 3-4 5 4 5 4 on Barney's TenTec RX320D

Here are three recordings:

DOWNLOAD: Caroline 531 29-05-2010 0804-0830 (5.89MB MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Caroline 531 29-05-2010 0831-0844 (3.24MB MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Caroline 531 29-05-2010 0957-1009 (2.65MB MP3)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Level 48 Recordings

Here are two recordings of the return of Level 48 from yesterday, both recorded at my own QTH, North Norfolk, East England, using a Freeplay Summit with indoor longwire/passive magnetic (1/10 wave) loop antenna.

These are .exe files, which are self-extracting 7z files. Simply double-click on them and choose the location to extract files to, and they extract.

DOWNLOAD: Level 48 6220KHz_Sun 23-05-2010 1926-1949 UTC

DOWNLOAD: Level 48 6305KHz Sun 23-05-2010 1851-1926 UTC

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Recordings from Barney's TenTec RX320D

These were recorded from Barney's TenTecRX320D. I have uploaded them to this folder.

You can download them all as a zip file here, all in mp3 format

DOWNLOAD: 3930KHz 10-05-2010 1609-1711(MP3 9.86MB) (OGG 4.91MB)
DOWNLOAD:6200KHz 09-04-2010 1630-1630 (MP3 193KB) (OGG 81KB)
DOWNLOAD:6293KHz 16-05-2010 1623-1623 (MP3 87KB) (OGG 48KB)
DOWNLOAD:6300KHz  Golfbreker maybe 10-05-2010 1448-1455 (MP3 5.77MB) (OGG 2.75MB)
DOWNLOAD:Bartje 1630KHz 16-05-2010 1612-1614 (MP3 1.23MB) (OGG 692KB)
DOWNLOAD:Black Bandit 6305KHz 05-05-2010 1800-1818 (MP3 14MB) (OGG 7.21MB)
DOWNLOAD:Free Radio Victoria  6295.1KHz  11-05-2010 1931-1949 (MP3 17MB) (OGG 7.84MB)
DOWNLOAD:MRF Radio 6210KHz 12-05-2010 1506-1540 (MP3 31MB) (OGG 15MB)
DOWNLOAD:Misti Radio 6210.2KHz 20-04-2010 1043-1042 (MP3 8.65MB) (OGG 4.18MB)
DOWNLOAD:Mustang Radio 6210KHz 21-05-2010 1507-1549 (MP3 21MB) (OGG 12MB)
DOWNLOAD:Mystery Radio 6220KHz 16-05-2010 1358-1419 (MP3 18MB) (OGG 8.69MB)
DOWNLOAD:Phoenix Radio 6295KHz 10-04-2010 1125-1157 (MP3 32MB) (OGG 14MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio 700 6005KHz 08-04-2010 1657-1741 (MP3 44MB) (OGG 19MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Altrex 6310KHz  Merlin relay 05-05-2010 1536-1617 (MP3 39MB) (OGG 19MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Barones 1657KHz 10-04-2010 2049-2059 (MP3 9.62MB) (OGG 4.37MB)
DOWNLOAD:Jan Van Gent 6960KHz 10-05-2010 1536-1609 (MP3 29MB) (OGG 14MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Marconi 6450KHz 16-05-2010 1306-1325 (MP3 17MB) (OGG 7.72MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Merlin International 6305KHz 11-04-2010 1504-1552 (MP3 49MB) (OGG 20MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Merlin International 6305KHz 11-04-2010 1730-1858 (MP3 87MB) (OGG 36MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Musicmaker 3932KHz 19-05-2010 1805-1853 (MP3 43MB) (OGG 24MB)
DOWNLOAD:Musicmaker & Saturnus 3900 05-05-2010 1817-1824 (MP3 6.28MB) (OGG 3.23MB)
DOWNLOAD:Mustang Radio 6210KHz 22-05-2010 0813-0835 (MP3 19MB) (OGG 11MB)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Radio Xanadu off air this weekend

Apologies for no Radio Xanadu broadcast this Sunday (16th May). we should be back on air next Sunday, so listen out on 107MHz FM in Merseyside or online. My pre-recorded show will just be played a week late. So next week is a music show, and the following week a DX show.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Orion Radio

Orion Radio from the Netherlands was heard on 5815KHz AM on  Sunday 9th May 2010 at 0719 UTC on Southwest German Webtuner with SINPO 4-5 5 3 3-4 4.

Programme information: Survivor, 'Eye of the Tiger', summermeeting Promo, music and talk, then Simon & Garfunkel.

Here are two recordings:

DOWNLOAD: Orion Radio 5815KHz AM Sun 09-05-2010 0718-0744 UTC (ZIP) (11 MB)
DOWNLOAD: Orion Radio 5815KHz AM Sun 09-05-2010 0750-0751 UTC (ZIP) (545 KB)