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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Recordings from Barney's TenTec RX320D

These were recorded from Barney's TenTecRX320D. I have uploaded them to this folder.

You can download them all as a zip file here, all in mp3 format

DOWNLOAD: 3930KHz 10-05-2010 1609-1711(MP3 9.86MB) (OGG 4.91MB)
DOWNLOAD:6200KHz 09-04-2010 1630-1630 (MP3 193KB) (OGG 81KB)
DOWNLOAD:6293KHz 16-05-2010 1623-1623 (MP3 87KB) (OGG 48KB)
DOWNLOAD:6300KHz  Golfbreker maybe 10-05-2010 1448-1455 (MP3 5.77MB) (OGG 2.75MB)
DOWNLOAD:Bartje 1630KHz 16-05-2010 1612-1614 (MP3 1.23MB) (OGG 692KB)
DOWNLOAD:Black Bandit 6305KHz 05-05-2010 1800-1818 (MP3 14MB) (OGG 7.21MB)
DOWNLOAD:Free Radio Victoria  6295.1KHz  11-05-2010 1931-1949 (MP3 17MB) (OGG 7.84MB)
DOWNLOAD:MRF Radio 6210KHz 12-05-2010 1506-1540 (MP3 31MB) (OGG 15MB)
DOWNLOAD:Misti Radio 6210.2KHz 20-04-2010 1043-1042 (MP3 8.65MB) (OGG 4.18MB)
DOWNLOAD:Mustang Radio 6210KHz 21-05-2010 1507-1549 (MP3 21MB) (OGG 12MB)
DOWNLOAD:Mystery Radio 6220KHz 16-05-2010 1358-1419 (MP3 18MB) (OGG 8.69MB)
DOWNLOAD:Phoenix Radio 6295KHz 10-04-2010 1125-1157 (MP3 32MB) (OGG 14MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio 700 6005KHz 08-04-2010 1657-1741 (MP3 44MB) (OGG 19MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Altrex 6310KHz  Merlin relay 05-05-2010 1536-1617 (MP3 39MB) (OGG 19MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Barones 1657KHz 10-04-2010 2049-2059 (MP3 9.62MB) (OGG 4.37MB)
DOWNLOAD:Jan Van Gent 6960KHz 10-05-2010 1536-1609 (MP3 29MB) (OGG 14MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Marconi 6450KHz 16-05-2010 1306-1325 (MP3 17MB) (OGG 7.72MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Merlin International 6305KHz 11-04-2010 1504-1552 (MP3 49MB) (OGG 20MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Merlin International 6305KHz 11-04-2010 1730-1858 (MP3 87MB) (OGG 36MB)
DOWNLOAD:Radio Musicmaker 3932KHz 19-05-2010 1805-1853 (MP3 43MB) (OGG 24MB)
DOWNLOAD:Musicmaker & Saturnus 3900 05-05-2010 1817-1824 (MP3 6.28MB) (OGG 3.23MB)
DOWNLOAD:Mustang Radio 6210KHz 22-05-2010 0813-0835 (MP3 19MB) (OGG 11MB)

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