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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Zender Postoffice testing today, 27th June 2010

Zender Postoffice will again (hopefully) have a test transmission today, probably starting between 17:00 and 18:00 UTC (6pm-7pm UK time BST).

Online only.

Also, if my parents go out in the afternoon, i will probably be on air then as well.

Online only, with the overflow stream off. If I am on twice today, and the first test goes well, I will probably turn both streams on for the second test.

I'll be testing out trying to do the whole thing in winamp, to minimise skips, because on the recordings i made there appears to be some skipping, and that has also been said in a couple of RX reports.

Again, reception reports by email are very very welcome, and every correct report will be verified with a QSL card.

Email : ( zenderpost (at) )

The best way to find out exactly when I am on air is by going to Iann's chat:

I will post there when I am on air.

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